BelaViva Values

Luxury Living Values.

BelaViva aims to operate in accordance with values and principles of respect for the environment and for people (see our Anti-Slavery Policy Statement). It will strive to increase its social and environmental commitment in order to form an essential part of its business strategy with its partners.

We realise that the luxury market is a challenging one in which to achieve tangible results but we are well aware that we all have to do more to move towards a more sustainable and equitable future so that everyone has the chance to enjoy “the good life, la belle vie, la buena vida, la dolce vita, a boa vida, das gute Leben – a little bit of BelaViva does you good!.

We will continue to orient efforts towards more sustainable mobility and the progressive reduction in the environmental impact of all our products and services.

BelaViva supports and will continue to work towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals identified in the UN 2030 Agenda in order to contribute to achieve the goals and promote actions that can be performed in order to achieve them.

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