Paris Property Investment Fund

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image: street luxury paris propertyBelaViva is excited to promote an exclusive opportunity to participate in a new investment concept curated by one of our principal partners in Paris.

Our partner has spent 17 years helping customers build and grow their investment property portfolios in central Paris’ gentrifying neighbourhoods and building a team that would look after these investments, finding tenants if required and managing their not inconsiderable administration.

The fund has been created to allow past and future investors to participate, grow a new portfolio and enjoy being part of a city they love.

How it works

Our partner

  • finds the properties
  • handles the negotiations
  • consults on the re-design, overseeing the renovation and decoration with their selected architect
  • turns the property into a great rental investment to appeal to the under-served international corporate tenant looking well-located apartments in Central Paris where international executives want to live.
  • 2021 offering limited to 15 applicants
  • minimum investment is 200.000 euros

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